Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La Pala dell’Altare

Title and Date of Work: La Pala dell’Altare 1510
Name of Artist: Tavola di B Fugual
Exact Location: Santuario Casa di Saint Catherina Siena, Italy
Medium: Oil and Gold
Dimensions : Unknown (but very large, located behind the altar)

     The Trinity is defined from Webster’s dictionary as, “the union of three divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one divinity, so that all the three are one God as to substance, but three Persons (as to individuality)." The word trinity can be broken down to the word tri which means three while nity means unity. Some argue that triunity is a better term than trinity because it better expresses the idea of three in one therefore God is three in one. Some synonyms that are generally used for trinity are tri-unity, trine, triality.
     This picture represents the Trinity because God the father is at the top of the painting pointing to the scene below. The scene below depicts Jesus (the son) dying on the cross. The final part of the Trinity is the dove which represents the Holy Spirit in between Jesus and the Father.

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