Monday, October 18, 2010

The Trinity, the Virgin and the Saints

Title and Date of Work: The Trinity, the Virgin and the Saints, 1500-1510
Name of Artist: Luca Signorelli
Exact Location: Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Medium: Tempera on Wood
Dimensions: 272cm by 180cm

     This work was originally located in the Confraternit√† della Trinit√† dei Pellegrini in Cortona. The placement of this work in the Uffizi did not occur until 1919, nearly four centuries after its creation. The Uffizi Gallery is one of the main museums in Florence. Its significance comes from its connection to the Medici family.
     The Medici family was once one of the most powerful families in Florence and therefore one of the most wealthy. It is known for its banking system. This family was known for its political clout and power. Due to its vast resources and connections, the Medici were able to build a ‘kingdom’ that is still recognized for being a great example of economic prosperity and success. Their ability to establish a system of banking allowed the Medici family to truly prosper in a variety of ways. As a result of their seemingly infinite wealth, this family acquired many works of art. Thanks to this family much art was preserved despite the “Burning of the Vanities” promoted by Savonarola in 1497. The Medici family had a large role in the preserving and honoring of the arts and due to that this painting, like many others, is still available today.

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