Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pistoia Santa Trinita Altarpiece

Title and Date of Work: The Pistoia Santa Trinita Alterpiece, 1455-60
Name of Artist: Francesco Pesellino (completed by Fra Filippo Lippi and workshop)
Exact Location: The National Gallery, London
Medium: Egg Tempera and Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 184 by 181.5cm

     This altarpiece was commissioned in 1455 by a group of priests by the name of the Company of Priests of the Trinity in Pistoia, Italy. The painting was originally started by Francesco Pesellino, but he died before finishing this work, so his teacher Fra Filippo Lippi and other artists in his workshop. This was a common practice during the time of apprentices.
     Before he could finish the frescoes titled, Storie della Vergine, Fra Lippi died. It was the job of his son, Filippino Lippi to finish these frescoes. Filippino also designed the funeral monument for his father, which was actually commissioned by Lorenzo de Medici. The monument was actually completed years later by an unknown Florentine sculptor.

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