Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Allegory of the Trinity

Title and Date of Work: Allegory of the Trinity 1562
Name of Artist: Frans Floris 1517-1570
Exact Location: The Louvre Paris, France
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions : 1.65m by 2.3m

     This painting has a complex message not only about the trinity. The trinity forms a vertical axis in the center of the painting from God the father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus intermixed with people surrounding the trinity are quotations from the John and Matthew in the Bible. Toward the front of the painting John the Baptist invites the viewer into the painting by pointing out Christ while holding on his scroll that says, “Behold the Lamb of God.”
     The hen is on the right of the painting which is strategically placed on the same axis as the trinity. The hen stands for Christ’s role in gathering and protecting the faithful. In the painting Christ appears in the landscape on the left. He is walking toward the city while carrying writing that refers to the hen. In the opposite direction it is dark which represents the road followed by the unfaithful. Not only does this painting have the trinity which is the main focus in this painting but it alludes to symbols that bring out more meanings the viewer.

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