Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christ the Redeemer and Four Saints

Title and Date of Work: Christ the Redeemer and Four Saints, 1271
Name of Artist: Meliore di Jacopo
Exact Location: Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Medium: Tempera on Panel
Dimensions: 85cm by 210cm

     This piece by Meliore di Jacopo during the 13th century is one of his only works of art. This may even be his only work. There is very little known about Meliore, it is not even known for sure who he really was. The signature on the work simply reads "Melior." The artist has been identified as Meliore dipintore, populi Sancti Jacobi tra le fosse. This is translated as Meliore the painter, of the parish of Saint Jacob between the ditches. This Meliore was also documented as being enlisted in the battle of Montaperti in 1260.

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