Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Virgin and Child

Title and Date of Work: The Virgin and Child, about 1260
Name of Artist: Unknown, part of Umbrian Diptych
Exact Location: The National Gallery, London
Medium: Egg Tempera on Wood
Dimensions: 32.4cm by 22.8cm

     A diptych is “a picture or series of pictures painted on or carved on two hinged tablets ” according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. This describes this painting because it actually a part of a diptych. The corresponding painting is called The Man of Sorrows. The combination of these two paintings, meaning the idea being represented, is a common feature of Italian art throughout the ages and this diptych is one of the earliest surviving examples of this famous combination. The two pieces of this diptych were actually separated until the early 1900s. They are now located in the National Gallery in London, together.

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