Monday, October 18, 2010

The Trinity: Capitoline Museum

Title and Date of Work: The Trinity, 1405-1410 ca.
Name of Artist: Niccolo di Pietro Gerini
Exact Location: Capitoline Museum, previously in Florence
Medium: Tempera on Panel
Dimensions: 217 cm by 89 cm

     This painting was commissioned to Niccolo di Pietro Gerini by Francesco Datini. Within the painting the faces of three members of the Datini family are present- Francesco, his wife Margherita, and his adopted daughter Ginevra. The importance of the patron is seen in the placement of this family within this work. Clearly the painter wanted to recognize his patrons showing his appreciation for them, but also it demonstrates the power of the patron over the painter.
     The symbolism within the painting is very clear. The depiction of God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are relatively traditional. What is remarkable is the fact that God the Father seems to be holding up the cross upon Jesus is crucified. This demonstrates the loving relationship between God the Father and His Son. The placement of the Holy Spirit further represents the full presence of God throughout the whole event.

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